Can I Take My Animal Everywhere?


Is it a Service Dog or is it an ESA? The biggest misconception people have in this industry is that Emotional Support Animals can "go anywhere."

The simple truth is that you cannot take your emotional support animal everywhere. ESAs differ from service dogs, which are used to perform a specific task to aide their owner’s DISABILITY. This could be a guide dog for a blind person, a balance dog, a diabetic alert dog, etc... and service animals are needed at all times by their owner.

An emotional support animal is exactly that: it provides emotional support to its handler and is not required to have formal training. They cannot go anywhere and everywhere like a service dog but they are protected by two federal laws: the Fair Housing Act and the Air Carrier Access Act. This allows your ESA to live with you, as well as fly with you at no extra charge thanks to the Air Carriers Access Act.

For living arrangements with your ESA, even if your lease says no pets are allowed, your landlord is required to make what is called a “reasonable accommodation” for pets who provide assistance. This includes emotional support animals.

As long as you have a current letter from a licensed mental health professional, you can take your ESA on the plane or have them with you at home.

Click below to get your letter from a mental health professional.