ESA Letter


  • Full evaluation from a mental health professional (via phone)
  • Legalize your emotional support animal
  • As easy as 1, 2, 3:
    1. Purchase your ESA letter here
    2. Fill out the ESA form (for the mental health professional to look at before speaking with you) that is sent to you instantly
    3. Send the form back and get a link to the mental health professional’s calendar to schedule your appointment!
  • Once your appointment is scheduled the mental health professional will call you at the date and time you choose. Then they will send you your letter right away via email, to get the fastest results possible.
  • NOTE: This $120 fee is for your appointment with a mental health professional. There are no refunds for this appointment, regardless of the outcome of the appointment.

ESA Laws will provide you quick and easy access to a licensed mental health professional. You will get an appointment to have an evaluation by the professional over the phone to determine your needs for your ESA. This way you can get your ESA Letter that will allow you to keep your ESA for emotional support during airplane travel and at home, even in places where pets are not normally allowed.

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