How To Legally Make Your Animal An ESA


When it comes to what is TRULY required to qualify for an ESA, the answer is rather simple. A letter from a mental health professional. That's it! You are not required to have an ID card, a Certificate, a harness or vest, or frankly anything else you may have read on another website or have been told by another company.

Keep in mind, the letter must be on the mental health professional’s letterhead, show their license number and be dated within the previous year.

Anything else you provide an airline or your landlord is above and beyond what's truly required of you. Many companies will tell you these other items such as ID cards are required because they make money by selling them to you. However, it's our job at ESA Laws to inform society of the truth and to educate the public about what's truly required of an Emotional Support Animal.

Unfortunately, because so much of society (including many airlines and landlords) have been given incorrect information about these laws, some of them may ask you to provide a certificate or ID card so we have made those items available to you - but please remember, at the end of the day, the only thing that will hold up in a court of law is your letter from a mental health professional and nothing else. It's your job as an ESA handler to continue informing people about the laws we are protected under with our Emotional Support Animals. Those laws are the Fair Housing Act or FHA and the Air Carriers Access Act or ACAA. You will find helpful links to both the ACAA and the FHA below as well as other Frequently Asked Questions that will help aide you with anything else you may be uncertain about.

Click the link below to renew your ESA letter or if you need to get your letter for the very first time. Most importantly, enjoy the privileges that being an ESA owner brings to us all!